New edition of “Incontro con l’autore” review in which the authors of more recently published novels and essays will tell students and citizens about the wonderful forms of writing, also stimulated by the questions of the public.

Next meetings:

10 February 2022
Andrea Vitali presents the book Ā«La gita in barchetta Ā»
talking with Marco Imperadori

23 February 2022
Edoardo Rovida andĀ Giulio Zafferri present the book Ā«The Importance of Soft Skills in Engineering and Engineering EducationĀ»
talking with Lamberto DuĆ²Ā 

3 March 2022
Renato Mazzoncini presents the book Ā«Inversione a EĀ»
talking with Ferruccio Resta, Patricia Urquiola and Andrea Galeazzi

8 March 2022
Emanuele Trevi presents the book Ā«Due viteĀ»
talking with prof. Sara Protasoni

15 March 2022
Nicola Crocetti translator of “Odissea” of Nikos Kazantzakis
talks with Giancarlo Pontiggia introducted by prof. Marco Vitale

30 March 2022
Omar di Monopoli presents the book Ā«Brucia lā€™ariaĀ»
talking with Laura Montedoro

21 April 2022
Stefania Auci presents the book Ā«Lā€™inverno dei leoniĀ»
talking with prof. Domenico Giuseppe Chizzoniti

28 April 2022
Marco Balzano presents the book “Quando tornerĆ²”
talking with prof. Simona Chiodo

19 maggio 2022
Amalia Ercoli Finzi presents il libro “Corsa allo Spazio 1,2,3…via
talking with prof. Giuseppe Sala

09 June 2022
Emanuele Fiano presents the book “Ebreo”
talking with prof. Stefano Guidarini