2 March 2022 18:00 at 19:00Visioni politecniche: Da Tutankhamon ai quadri di Picasso: un viaggio affascinante nella scienza al servizio dell'arte


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How are the assets of our cultural heritage preserved from the action of time? And how can we discover the secrets hidden in ancient and modern works of art?

The meeting will present cutting-edge scientific technologies used for the analysis of our cultural heritage, including X-ray fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. It will be possible to discover how, thanks to the progress of science, experts are able to study works of art and archaeological finds in a non-destructive way on a journey that will take us from the reign of Tutankhamun to the modern paintings of Pablo Picasso passing through the sculptures by Michelangelo.

The event will be held in italian.

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2 March 2022
18:00 at 19:00


Politecnico di Milano - Auditorium

Via Pascoli, 53 - Milano


Politecnico di Milano