lunedì 11 novembre 2019Dalle 13:15 alle 15:15The transit of Mercury


On November 11th a transit of Mercury will take place, an event which has occurred three times since 2003; it will happen only ten other times in this century.
We propose a meeting for the live observation of the transit. Meanwhile, we will discuss how a transit of Mercury or Venus is produced and the importance of transits as a tool to discover exoplanets. We will also have the opportunity to talk about Mercury, its features and the secrets it still hides, in spite of the important discoveries provided by the space missions dedicated to it.

Speaker: Giovanni Consolati e Mauro Massari


Politecnico di Milano

Date e orari

lunedì 11 novembre 2019
Dalle 13:15 alle 15:15


Politecnico di Milano, aula L12, Building B12, DAER

via La Masa, 34 - 20156 Milano