venerdì 26 luglio 2019Dalle 14:30Optical fiber sensors and their applications to structural health monitoring


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Speaker: Prof. Hong-Nan Li (Dalian University of Technology)

This presentation serves as a tutorial to introduce the optical fiber sensors developed by the research group of Prof. Li at Dalian University of Technology, in particular FBG sensors for structural health monitoring, presenting their operating principles, types, major components and merits.
In addition, a new acquisition device demodulating electrical and optical signals has been developed. Finally, the-state-of-the-art of FBG sensors applications and new devices for structural health monitoring in practical projects will also be introduced.



Politecnico di Milano

Date e orari

venerdì 26 luglio 2019
Dalle 14:30


Politecnico di Milano, Aula Beltrami

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - Edif. 5