7 June 2022 until 29 July 2022 10:00 at 19:00The Invention of a Language. Franco Purini and the Theme of Origin 1964-1976


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The Invention of a Language. Franco Purini and the Theme of Origin, 1964-1976
Curated by Roberta Albiero and Andrea Gritti with Beatrice Azzola and Elena Fontanella.

The exhibition, originally promoted and organized by the Archivio Progetti of the IUAV University of Venice and exhibited in collaboration with the Venetian university in the Chiostro dei Tolentini, has been revisited for the Milanese occasion by Roberta Albiero and Andrea Gritti, with the collaboration of Beatrice Azzola and Elena Fontanella.
The wide selection of projects and drawings on display refers to that part of Purini’s architectural production, realized between the second half of the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s, when the Roman architect, interpreting the profound instances of renewal that were crossing the architectural debate, started his own personal research on the grammar and syntax of composition.
Alongside the plates illustrating projects, sketches and studies appear in the exhibition that identify drawing as the privileged tool for thinking about construction, the city, the landscape, as well as the place from where the ideas of architecture originate.
The exhibition, which will open to the public on June 7, will be inaugurated by a lecture by Purini, introduced by Andrea Campioli, Marco Biraghi and the curators, which will be held in the Gamma room of the AUIC School’s Galleria del Progetto, starting at 3 p.m.

Franco Purini is currently Professor Emeritus of Architectural and Urban Composition at the Faculty of Architecture of La Sapienza University in Rome. After opening an architectural practice with Laura Thermes in 1966, he taught at IUSARC in Reggio Calabria (1977-1981), at the Faculty of Architecture.

Galleria del Progetto of the AUIC School of the Politecnico di Milano,
Via Ampère, 2
June 7 – July 29, 2022
Hours: Monday – Friday, h. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


7 June 2022 until 29 July 2022
10:00 at 19:00


Politecnico di Milano, Aula Gamma

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - Milano


Politecnico di Milano