monday 10 Giugno 2024Dalle 17:15 alle 19:15Difficult moments: taming your inner critic


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Online – Laboratorio in italiano a cura della Dott.ssa Laura Trivi

We all have an Internal Critic: it is a natural part of the human psyche, just like our conscience and rational mind. Generally speaking, the inner critic serves a purpose: to help us improve and be accepted by others. Sometimes, its presence may become prevalent and limiting. Through lectures and small-group practical sessions, the Experiential Lab aims at supporting participants recognize their inner critic and specific function, how it works (e.g. self-limiting beliefs) and how to tame it so to develop a more balanced and realistic vision of ourselves and our capabilities.

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lunedì 10 Giugno 2024
Dalle 17:15 alle 19:15


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Politecnico di Milano