Fashion is the result of a complex organization of resources, in which economic factors, tangible
and intangible assets, cultural and human capital converge. It also represents one of the richest
expression of contemporary culture in which several languages – such as art, cinema, photography
and music– coexist. Therefore, fashion is upfront in the need of facing contemporary challenges
and finding new paths for transforming cultures, societies, and economies towards more sustainable paradigms.
Universities, professors and practitioners need to enable future generations to challenging
contemporary paradigms and becoming innovation leaders.
In occasion of the 10th anniversary of the partnership with Fashion Institute of Technology, FIT in
Milan, the Fashion Design Program with the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano launches
Fashion Perspectives.
Fashion Perspectives aims at promoting initiatives to exchange knowledge and visions on the future of fashion both in terms of education and research.
The first series of events will take place in May 2017 and will involve international fashion schools,
designers, students and fashion companies.