24 May 2022 18:00 at 19:00Visioni Politecniche: Come si sono evoluti i videogiochi negli ultimi anni?


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How have video games evolved in recent years?

The world of video games has always been in constant evolution. The first video games created nearly 50 years ago by computer science students were niche products dedicated to the lucky few who had access to university labs. Video games have come out of laboratories to enter arcades as cabinets, in our homes as consoles and personal computers, up to being always with us, in our phones and tablets. In just a few years, they have become sophisticated technological products, made with a combination of design, graphics, fiction, music, programming, mathematical and economic modeling, drawing, painting, film directing, photography, psychology.

The speech will illustrate not only how video games have changed over the years but also how their use and gaming experience have changed.

The event will be held in italian.

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24 May 2022
18:00 at 19:00


Politecnico di Milano - Auditorium

Via Pascoli, 53 - Milano


Politecnico di Milano