6 March 2018 17:15VII Edition Michele Silvers AwardComputer-aided design: past, present, future


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Keynote Lecture 
Yehuda E. Kalay
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Welcome by 
Ilaria Valente
Dean of the School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction, Engineering

Digitally assisted Architectural Design has been around for over 50 years now. It is driven by
technologies that strive to achieve certain functional, cultural, social, economic, and other goals. In turn, these technologies transforms Architecture, changing design processes, practices, and products. Much like earlier technological changes, the first uses of computing in the service of architecture have been rather timid, mimicking older practices. This is changing rapidly: new design and evaluation tools allow architects to imagine new building forms, more responsive (and environmentally more responsible) buildings, even radically new types of environments that blend physical with virtual space. Understanding and shaping this transformation are the basis of architectural design research and education in the 21st century.


Politecnico di Milano


6 March 2018


Politecnico di Milano, Aula Rogers

Via Ampère, 2 - Milano