4 March 2021 14:30Take the trash out... to the edge - Towards cleaner cities with 5G and Internet of ThingsOnline event


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Build the future – Digital talks for a better world

Alessandro E. C. Redondi
Assistant professor of Telecommunications

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The fifth generation of mobile cellular networks 5G will bring many improvements to our everyday lives. In particular, the interplay between 5G and IoT technologies will pave the way for the realisation of the Smart City concept, providing humans with better, safer and cleaner cities. In this webinar, we will focus on a specific use case developed during the 5G trials project carried on in the last years by Politecnico di Milano in partnership with Vodafone. We will describe the implementation of a Smart Bin, a connected trash bin that automatically sorts garbage with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms running on the edge of the 5G network.




4 March 2021


Online event


Politecnico di Milano