26 February 2021 11:30Supramolecular crystallography (interplay of intermolecular interactions in the solid-state)Online Event


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Kari Rissanen
Department of Chemistry, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

An exciting research challenge in supramolecular chemistry is to design, synthesize, and characterize nano-sized architectures with applications in biology, chemistry, and materials science.Predicting and designing non-covalently bound supramolecular complexes and assemblies is difficult because of the weakness of the interactions involved, thus the resulting superstructure is often a compromise between the geometrical constraints of the building blocks and the competing weak intermolecular interactions.

Our research interest has been focused on the studies of weak non-covalent intermolecular, viz. supramolecular interactions as the driving force in self-assembly and molecular recognition, especially in the solid state by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The lecture will highlight some of our recent studies on hydrogen and halogen bonded systems, 𝜋𝜋-𝜋𝜋, CH…anion, and anion… 𝜋𝜋 interactions and metal ion coordination in molecular self-assembly and molecular recognition in various systems


Politecnico di Milano


26 February 2021


Online event