martedì 13 aprile 2021Dalle 09:00 alle 13:00Remote sensing data for environmental monitoringEvento Online


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Seminar CS3@DICA


  • 09.00-9.15: Young Researchers Best Posters Award, Alberto Guadagnini – Politecnico di Milano (Po liMi)
  • 09.15-9.55: The Rapid Action for Coronavirus and Earth Observation, Yves Louis Desnos – ESA
  • 09.55-10.35: Present and future satellites data for quantitative water resources monitoring, Bob Su – University of Twente
  • 10.35-10.45: Discussion
  • 10.45-10.50: Virtual break
  • 10.50-11.05: Sensing the environment: the example of the SIMILE project, Maria Antonia Brovelli – PoliMi
  • 11.05-11.20: Educational projects about Geomatics and Earth Observation for Climate Change and
    Emergency Management, Daniela Carrion – PoliMi
  • 11.20-11.35: Contribution of the Sentinel 5P to local air quality monitoring, Daniele Oxoli – PoliMi
  • 11.35-11.50: EO based drought indicators at different spatial and temporal scales for operative irrigation networks management, Chiara Corbari – PoliMi
  • 11.50-12.05: Satellite data for real time monitoring of irrigation water need, Marco Mancini – PoliMi
  • 12.05-12.20: Proximal aerial sensing: use of UAV for crop and vegetation surveys, Giovanna Sona – PoliMi
  • 12.20-12.35: EOS monitoring of mountainous regions: environmental change, water resources and
    natural hazard, Daniele Bocchiola – PoliMi
  • 12.35-12.50: Final Discussion

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Politecnico di Milano

Date e orari

martedì 13 aprile 2021
Dalle 09:00 alle 13:00


Evento Online