monday 15 Luglio 2024Dalle 17:15 alle 19:15Relationships and self-knowledge (parts theory)


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Online – Lab in English by Dr. Laura Trivi

“A part of me is happy for the situation…but another part is worried for the consequences” or “I feel sad…but I don’t know why”: who has never thought/said similar words at some point? According to the Parts Theory, each individual is a system populated by discrete entities called “parts”. When our “parts” work in harmony and balance (integration), we feel satisfied and happy with ourselves and in relationship with others. When harmony and balance fail, then we may feel anxious, depressed, struggle with addictions and other behavioral problems. Through lectures and small-group practical sessions, the Experiential Lab aims at supporting participants to:

– map their “parts”, understanding for each and every part its function, its emotions and habitual thought patterns, style of expression, abilities, desires, and views of the world.

– find ways to create and maintain harmony and balance among “parts” to be able to live a fulfilling life

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lunedì 15 Luglio 2024
Dalle 17:15 alle 19:15


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