11 April 2024 17:15 at 19:15Relationships and emotions: recognizing, managing and accepting sadness in relationships with others


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Online – Lab in English by Dr. Elisa Turano

The workshop will be divided into two parts:

In the first part the emotion of sadness will be introduced, with the help of scenes from movies, art, literature. Then students will be involved in mapping the emotions through brain storming. The goal is to immediately understand that there is no absolute reality, but that everything is strongly filtered by our subjectivity and the way we perceive what surrounds us.

The second part will focus on knowing and recognizing sadness and how it often refers to a dimension of loneliness. How can you address sadness in a relationship? How much can you show others? Is it right to share it? Through teamwork and watching scenes from films and television series, we will try to reason and answer some of these questions.

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11 April 2024
17:15 at 19:15


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Politecnico di Milano