11 February 2020 until 5 March 2020Reconstruction Inventory Project


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“Spazio Cubo” at Hall of Building 11, School AUIC

The School AUIC of the Milan Polytechnic hosts the exhibition “Ricostruzione Inventario Progetto – Reconstruction Inventory Project”, realized within the Doctoral programme in architecture, city and design – track Architectural composition – School of Doctorate Studies, Iuav University of Venice.
In the body of the city destruction suspends time and, in the simultaneity of views that ruin produces, the vision of reconstruction is born as a search for still unexpressed potential. The drawings which compose the exhibition address the problem of defining an imagery able to assume conflicts as active part of a new design, where the relational conditions constitute the framework for an intermittent narration rooted in space. By the use of montage, the works reveal many potentialities of the analytic and compositional techniques, typical of the research method based on the critical interpretation of process finalized to the generation, construction and reconstruction of a specific design inventory composed by figures and languages for the design. The topics developed present a composite series of operational possibilities, which recall the necessity to experiment the city as the original and final place for the architectural project.

Curators: Gundula Rakowitz, Carlotta Torricelli

Presentation of the Book “Reconstruction Inventory Project”
11.2.2020 h 15:30
Room Gamma c/o “Galleria del Progetto”, Building 11, School AUIC

The contributions collected in this book are based on the theme of reconstruction to address the wider problem of the permanence of the immaterial and productive imagination, which from a fragment, in the impossibility of repeating the origin, builds new orders, new works of architecture, new cities and territories. Crisis and rebirth, therefore, cancellations and fresh visions. The productive force of memory fuels the thought behind the design by engaging the interventions on a terrain treated not as inert ground, but as a layered system of signs, traceable and measurable through an operative inventory. Catastrophe is interpreted as a moment of material destruction, but also, etymologically, as an upheaval or breakdown of a morphological and structural equilibrium. Any destruction defines a limit that requires answers, keeping open the tension between the authorship of the project and the work of the collective imagination. Reflection on these themes brings up the urgency of the present and the uncertainty of future prospects. In these instances, a project is asked to respond by defining strategies for an idea of the city and reconstructing an architecture for the city or rediscovering one among the broken lines.

Curators: Gundula Rakowitz, Carlotta Torricelli
Discussants: Ilaria Valente, Marco Biraghi, Carles Muro
Speakers: Benno Albrecht, Carlo Magnani, Luca Monica, Raffaella Neri



Politecnico di Milano


11 February 2020 until 5 March 2020


Atrio Edificio 11

Via Ampère, 2