28 May 2023 08:30PolimiRun Spring 2023


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The adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring is the non-competitive and competitive 10 km race of Politecnico di Milano, open to all. The race will be held on Sunday 28 May starting at 8.30 from the Leonardo campus and arriving at the Bovisa campus, crossing the city of Milan and the Giuriati Sports Center!

Everyone runs the PolimiRun for a different reason: some do it to beat a personal best, some to meet up with friends, some to stay fit and some do it simply because they like it! PolimiRunners are a community that runs, has fun, respects the environment and always reaches its goal. Why do you run the PolimiRun?

For more information and registrations: https://www.sport.polimi.it/en/events/polimirun-spring


28 May 2023


Politecnico di Milano, Campus Leonardo

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - Milano


Politecnico di Milano