25 June 2019 21:00Polimifest: Blues in Mi - Folco Orselli


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Blues is a genre of soul as well as musical. An Esperanto of souls. A thread that sews people and their dreams and desires, it sews them all together. Even those who do not know what it is, those who do not know it, are visited by the blues. Because it’s philosophy. It deals with the truth of people. The Live will be a journey through all my ways of interpreting it, playing it and living it and I’ll do it with the musicians I’ve always played with. Blues on! (Sweater in Milanese)

Folco Orselli
is a Milanese composer and songwriter. In 1995, with the duo “Caligola”, he took part in Sanremo Festival in the “Youth” category and, in 1996, released his first album “Il sole che respira“. Then he participated as opening band in the Golden Eye Tour by Tina Turner and in the Spirito Divino Tour by Zucchero Fornaciari. In the same year the musical project “Folco Orselli and La Compagnia dei Cani Scossi” was born and he self-produced an unreleased album. At the same time he created the Caravanserraglio, an authentic and original musical movement formed by a group of close-knit Milanese singers. During the 2008 edition of Musicultura, the singer-songwriter won a Critics Award, the Best Text Award and the Absolute Winner Award voted by the public with the song “L’amore ci sorprende”. He was the only one in the history of Musicultura to win three important prizes in the same edition. In 2013/14/15 he created together with Carlo Fava and Claudio Sanfilippo “Scuola Milanese”, with 24 thematic events on the city of Milan, in which more than 100 prominent guests took part.
His new album “Blues in MI: vol. 1 ”opens a one-year musical journey through Milan suburbs and was presented on November 27th at the Spirit de Milan in Bovisa district, one of the symbolic suburbs of Milan. He will close his “Blues in MI: suburban identity of Milan” project, with the presentation of the second part “Blues in MI: vol.2”. scheduled for November 2020.

Spazio Ovale, via Candiani 72

Free admission subject to availability.

* photo by Lorenzo De Simone


25 June 2019


Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, Scuola di Design

Via Candiani 72 - Milano


Politecnico di Milano