21 May 2022 09:00 at 13:30Polimibus - Trasforma Milano. Il quartiere sperimentale QT8


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The itinerary, curated by Laura Montedoro, professor of Urban Planning of the Politecnico di Milano, explores the QT8 district, realised for the eighth edition of the Triennale di Milano (1947) on a design by the architect Piero Bottoni (1903-1973), who graduated and later taught at this university. The design wished to reach the conditions of habitability that were considered necessary for the inhabitant by the studies, researches and experimentations led by architects in those years. The QT8 is a true experimental district, in different aspects, among which the technological innovation in building production; along with new materials and typology of construction, all examined by commissions before they were tested, the district also presented a new and fundamental design for the urban space: “Il quartiere, coi suoi esperimenti positivi e negativi, è così una mostra vivente dell’architettura moderna” [Piero Bottoni].

Itinerary curated by professor Laura Montedoro

1. MADE IN POLIMI, exhibition space, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
2. Chiesa parrocchiale di Santa Maria Nascente, Vico Magistretti, Mario Tedeschi, piazza Santa Maria Nascente
3. Scuola elementare, Arrigo Arrighetti, via Terzaghi
4. Monte Stella, Piero Bottoni
5. Casa della Madre e del Fanciullo, Fabio Mello, Alberto Scarzella Mazzocchi, via Goya
6. Due case prefabbricate per senzatetto, Piero Bottoni, via Sant’Elia
7. Case prefabbricate di 4 piani, Gabriele Mucchi, via Goya
8. Villette del villaggio dei reduci, via Diomede
9. Casa di 11 piani, Pietro Lingeri, Luigi Zuccoli, via Pogatschnig
10. Padiglione per mostre e campo giochi, Piero Bottoni, via Pogatschnig
11. Case a schiera con negozi, Piero Bottoni, via Agrigento
12. Casa Incis di 9 piani, Piero Bottoni, via Bertinoro
13. Autorimessa collettiva, Piero Bottoni, via Collecchio
14. Prima “Casa stellare” e Seconda “Casa stellare”, Piero Bottoni, via Cimabue

Registrations close on May 20

Please be aware that the guided visit to QT8 will take place on foot and may present architectural barriers.

Meeting point: Edificio 1, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32. 09.00 AM

The event will be held in Italian 

Registration is compulsory, with a 10 euro fee.
The registration will be confirmed upon payment of the fee. Information and instructions regarding payment will be sent via email within 1 working day of the registration.

The event will be held in accordance with anti-covid measures: FFP2 masks will be required to access transportation systems.


21 May 2022
09:00 at 13:30


Politecnico di Milano, Edificio 1, Piano Terra

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32


Politecnico di Milano