21 September 2022 11:00 at 12:00POLI-TECH STORIES: Wind Tunnel experiences on long-span bridges, tall buildings and high-speed trainsOnline event


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The Politecnico di Milano meets the Philippine Italian Association
Through its professors, the Politecnico tells stories of polytechnic culture: stories of science, technology and creativity, of the achievements of its great masters, of future visions.

Daniele Rocchi Full Professor of Wind Engineering

Wind is a key factor which strongly impacts the design of large infrastructures as tall buildings, long-span bridges and high-speed trains. The lecture will focus on the role played by the Wind Tunnel in defining the wind effect on these infrastructures via tests on scaled models.

The event will be in english at 11 a.m. (italian time)

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21 September 2022
11:00 at 12:00


Online event


Politecnico di Milano