22 December 2021 10:00POLI-TECH STORIES: Made in PolimiOnline event


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The Politecnico di Milano meets the Philippine Italian Association
Through its professors, the Politecnico tells stories of polytechnic culture: stories of science, technology and creativity, of the achievements of its great masters, of future visions.

Ludovica Cappelletti, PhD, Museum Activities Unit

MADE IN POLIMI is the story of the past, present and future of the Politecnico di Milano, since its foundation in 1863. It intends to reveal the stories of distinguished women and men, professors and students of the Politecnico, who gave revolutionary contributions to engineering, architecture and design: projects and inventions that went beyond the boundaries of the city of Milan and have since become part of the ways of inhabiting, moving and experiencing our daily lives, at an international level. Within the space of a story, their adventures bring together collective and contemporary projects: from nanotechnologies to space explorations, these experiences let us dream of the research of tomorrow and map out the story of a University that has always aimed towards the future.

The event will be in english.

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22 December 2021


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Politecnico di Milano