wednesday 26 Gennaio 2022Dalle 14:30Mobility poverty in African cities: a transdisciplinary challenge


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Build the future – Digital talks for a better world

Simone Vantini, Valeria Fedeli

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Discover the complexity of addressing one of the most urgent contemporary social challenge, like that of reducing mobility poverty. Meet some of the protagonists of a transdisciplinary visionary team of urban scholars, designers, statisticians, management engineers, bigdata and artificial intelligence experts engaged in generating innovative solutions. In this webinar, we will bring you to the Global South, showing how informal mobility can be a solution and not just a problem for a city like Maputo, Mozambique. At the same time, we will illustrate how exploring people mobility with big data can help understanding and serving better contemporary cities.

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mercoledì 26 Gennaio 2022
Dalle 14:30


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Politecnico di Milano