friday 3 Maggio 2024Dalle 10:00 alle 11:30Inventorship and Authorship in the Age of Generative AI


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Generative AI is a valuable tool for solving technical challenges and creating new artifacts that enhance human creativity. However, the use of generative AI also poses a number of formidable intellectual property challenges.

Who owns the rights to AI-generated inventions or the copyrights to AI-generated images? Can copyrighted material (such as online news and blog writings) be used to train algorithms? Can one be held liable for using AI-generated code drawn from proprietary software? Is a biometric identification system for public surveillance a legitimately patentable item? 

The panel discussion ‚ÄúInventorship and Authorship in the Age of Generative AI‚ÄĚ addresses these and other thorny questions, offering¬†insights¬†into the legal and technical aspects, as well as¬†ethical considerations, which the¬†EU Artificial Intelligence Act¬†approved on March 2024 has only started to address.
The panel brings together leading voices from academia, law, and technology to offer the audience some of the latest advances. We invite attendees to participate in this dialogue through thoughtful discussion and inquiry, forging paths toward clarity and consensus.

Chair: Chiara Franzoni, Professor of Patents and IP Management, Politecnico di Milano

Jean-Marc Deltorn, Professor, Center for International IP Studies (CEIPI), Strasbourg
Domenico Golzio, Former Managing Director, European Patent Office (EPO), The Hague
Andrea Perronace, Technically-qualified Judge at the Unified Patent Court and European Patent Attorney, Rome

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venerdì 3 Maggio 2024
Dalle 10:00 alle 11:30


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Politecnico di Milano