wednesday 19 Giugno 2024Dalle 12:15 alle 13:45Immersive Reality Supporting Individual Socio-Symbolic Work: Applications on ESG Projects


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The use of immersive reality is potentially broad, and valuable effects are being explored, such as the user’s engagement and emotional attachment to relevant subjects. Despite reported negative issues, such as cybersickness, VR experiences can be combined with designed storytelling on environmental and socially contested issues to develop social empathy. In this seminar, Prof. Aquino will present a review of this subject and discuss potential applications.

André Aquino is a Full professor of Organization Studies and Public Sector Accounting at the School of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities of the University of São Paulo. He is the Director of Innovation at the Secretary of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the State of São Paulo/Brazil. His research interests are in organizing open innovation initiatives, organizational change, and new forms of accountability.

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Date e orari

mercoledì 19 Giugno 2024
Dalle 12:15 alle 13:45


Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa - Edificio BL26/B, aula 0.19

Via R. Lambruschini 4/B, Milano


Politecnico di Milano