11 November 2022 09:30 at 19:00Il Cinema ovunque. Ri-attivazione digitale dello spazio pubblico


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Event organized on the occasion of the Milan Digital Week.

Designed for an audience of up to 20 people, the workshop focuses on the theme of the digitization of cinema and the rediscovery of public space as a place for collective entertainment through commonly used technologies that allow interactively sharing spaces and emotions.

The workshop activities will take place both in a closed and open environment and will be available in streaming and supported and documented on social media.
Then the planned agenda followed:
1) participants will be introduced to the issues of digitalization of cinema, the re-appropriation of public space and entertainment as a shared and participatory physical-digital interaction;
2) brainstorming to define some simple and shared rules for the implementation of ‘cinema everywhere’;
3) activation of ‘cinemas everywhere’ in various public spaces (outdoors) with the interaction of citizens invited to share the experience;
4) self-evaluation of the workshop and new proposals.

To participate, you must register through this On-line Form
We remind you that a maximum of 20 participants are expected for the activity.


11 November 2022
09:30 at 19:00


Politecnico di Milano, Edificio 1, Sala Donatori

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32


Politecnico di Milano