friday 22 Novembre 2019Dalle 09:00 alle 16:00Energy for Motion: Annual Seminar 2019


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Energy for Motion is a development project of the Department of Energy funded by MIUR (Dipartimenti di Eccellenza 2018-2022); it aims at the growth, enforcement and integration of the broad expertise of the Department in field of energy technologies for the new generation vehicles.
The complexity of this topic calls for a multidisciplinary approach and the research groups of the Department of Energy respond with the integration of their cutting edge competences on five scientific pillars: (i) new fueling solutions for ICE vehicles and e-vehicles, (ii) advanced integrated designs for engines, after-treatment and energy recovery systems, (iii) new fuel-cell concepts, (iv) smart charging of e-vehicles, (v) advanced analysis of the global impact of transportation solutions.
In the 2019 Annual Seminar, highly reputed academic and industrial experts are invited to share their vision on the future trends of industry and research in the field of transportation. The newly funded research projects of the Department are then presented and the research strategy in the field of batteries is announced.


Date e orari

venerdì 22 Novembre 2019
Dalle 09:00 alle 16:00


Politecnico di Milano, Aula Carassa Dadda

Via Lambruschini, 4 - 20156 Milano - Edif. BL28


Politecnico di Milano