monday 13 Settembre 2021Dalle 09:30 alle 18:00Digital Maturity Day


Event Details

The event is part of the 3-year EU research project Digital Creativity for developing Digital Maturity Future Skills (DC4DM) that brings together partners from Italy, France and Portugal to implement, apply and disseminate the DC4DM educational model and foster a new culture of creativity for digital transformation.

The purpose of DC4DM project is to support companies to face digital transformation processes by providing emerging digital talents with the digital creative abilities to strategically drive the application of future emerging digital technologies in any field.

During the day there will be four round tables focused on technological and strategic foresight, skills training, digital ethics, and innovative digital applications. Also, networking moments with a European network of HEIs, SMEs and Startups, Business Incubators, and a guided tour through emerging digital technologies offered by MADE competence center Industry 4.0.

Round tables will be also streamed live on the project social channels for European audience.

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Date e orari

lunedì 13 Settembre 2021
Dalle 09:30 alle 18:00


Centro MADE (Campus Bovisa)

Via Durando 10, Milano



Politecnico di Milano