18 January 2019 until 6 February 2019Contentious Objects/Ashamed SubjectsArtistic research methods and strategies regarding images, objects, spaces, and events of contentious cultural heritages


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The project Contentious Objects/Ashamed Subjects is a research about research: it is based on a long-term cross-disciplinary curatorial exploration of art-based research and artistic research projects. However, the exhibition is not about just any kind of art or artistic research. Focusing particularly on various methodologies, artistic research methods and strategies that are employed by contemporary artists the exhibition features those artistic practices dedicated to durational and exhaustive cross-referential investigations of difficult tangible and intangible cultural heritages: reflected in images, objects, spaces, and events that have problematic pasts or inhabit present contentions.

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Politecnico di Milano


18 January 2019 until 6 February 2019


Politecnico di Milano, Galleria del Progetto

Via Ampère, 2 - Milano