19 December 2019 16:30Christmas Lecture | 150 anni della Tavola Periodica degli Elementi Chimici


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16:30 Apertura
Maria Pia Pedeferri, Direttore 2020 – 2022 DCMIC “Giulio Natta
Pierangelo Metrangolo, DCMIC “Giulio Natta”, Vice-Presidente della IUPAC (DIV. 1)
Elisabetta Brenna, DCMIC “Giulio Natta”

17:00 Conferenza (con esperimenti)
Apparecchiando la Tavola: L’ordine degli elementi,
Fabio Parmeggiani, DCMIC “Giulio Natta”

A high speed journey through the key steps that led to modern chemistry and to the masterpiece of the periodic table of the elements: From the four classical elements of the ancient Greeks (air, earth, fire, water) through the relentless work of the alchemists and of great scientists such as Boyle, Priestley, Cavendish and Lavoisier, all the way down to the genius of Mendeleev and his solitaire cardgame, destined to change forever the way we understand the universe around us.

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Politecnico di Milano


19 December 2019


Politecnico di Milano, Aula Rogers

Via Ampère, 2 - Milano