Da monday 29 Maggio 2023 a tuesday 30 Maggio 2023Architects in exile - Stories of new spatial experiences


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International Conference

The international conference Architects in Exile: Stories of New Spatial Experiences (Milan, May 29-30, 2023) aims to explore a research field that has gained attention in recent years within cultural studies but remains unexplored from an architectural perspective: the exiles and migrations that have characterized the 20th century. The valuable studies conducted so far on this topic have mainly focused on the biographical aspects of the individuals involved in these processes and their production, interpreted in a rather narrative sense. Architecture offers new keys for understanding and interpreting the complex phenomenon of “exile,” taking into account its heterogeneous nature. Through the engagement of scholars whose research has focused on the examined themes from different disciplinary perspectives, the international conference “Architects in Exile” seeks to open new perspectives on the relationship between Exile and Architecture.


  • May 29, Polimi
    Building 13 “Trifoglio”, Ground floor, Glazed Space
  • May 30, Triennale di Milano
    Viale Emilio Alemagna 6, 20121 Milano, Agorà Space
  • May 30, Polimi
    Building 13 “Trifoglio”, Ground floor, Glazed Space

Boris Chukhovich (Université de Montréal, visiting scholar at DAStU Politecnico di Milano)
Andrea Gritti (DAStU Politecnico di Milano)

Boris Chukhovich (Université de Montréal, visiting scholar at DAStU Politecnico di Milano),
Ekaterina Golovatyuk (GRACE), Nicola Russi (DAD Politecnico di Torino), Marco Biraghi,
Silvia Bodei, Stefano Boeri, Davide Del Curto, Federico Deambrosis, Andrea Gritti,
Sonia Pistidda, Luka Skansi (DAStU Politecnico di Milano)

Sofia Celli, Federica Deo (DAStU Politecnico di Milano)


Date e orari

Da lunedì 29 Maggio 2023 a martedì 30 Maggio 2023


Politecnico di Milano e Triennale Milano


Politecnico di Milano