monday 21 Giugno 2021Dalle 13:00Archaeoastronomy: the science of stars and stonesEvento Online


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Build the future – Digital works for a better world

Giulio Magli
Dean of Department of Mathematics

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June 21, the day in which this webinar will be held, marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and gives us the opportunity to discuss a solar phenomenon which has been occuring every June 21 for 4500 years at Giza, Egypt, at sunset. We will take this as example to discuss the relevance of a relatively new scientific discipline: Archaeoastronomy.

To build a better future, it is important to understand the past and how the architects used to work in close relations with their religious and symbolic worlds. A relevant part of these relations were connected with the Heavens and the celestial cycles. The interpretation of masterpieces of ancient architecture around the world,from the Pantheon in Rome to Stonehenge, from the Maya temples to the Forbidden City in Beijing, gives us important tools to their valorization and fruition. Furthermore, the knowledge and competences acquired through Archaeoastronomy can guide us towards a more sustainable development in presence of Cultural Heritage. In this context the recognition and protection of sites of astronomical value has recently entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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lunedì 21 Giugno 2021
Dalle 13:00


Evento Online


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