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Build the future – Digital talks for a better world

Rafael Omar Ferragut
Professor of Experimental Physics

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Antimatter is not only the stuff you see in science fiction movies and books. Actually, an important medical diagnostic technique, the Positron Emission Tomography, is based on it. Antimatter also has an important role for the study of advanced materials that are applied daily in a wide range of uses such as the processing of renewable energy (solar cells, ionic batteries, etc.). Furthermore, it could be applied in the field of biology for the study of single cells. Antimatter is also accurately studied from the fundamental point of view to respond to open questions of the humanity: experiments in well-known laboratories such as CERN and Politecnico di Milano (QUPLAS collaboration) aim to verify experimentally symmetry laws and the gravitational matter-antimatter interaction.

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lunedì 24 Maggio 2021
Dalle 14:30


Evento Online


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