13 June 2018 until 15 June 2018Aerovehicles 3


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AEROVEHICLES 3 is meant as a place where engineers and researchers can exchange their ideas in GROUND VEHICLE AERODYNAMICS.
The event is a forum for ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS FROM INDUSTRY – manufacturers and operators of road vehicles and trains – AND UNIVERSITIES for presentations and discussions of the relevant advances in vehicle aerodynamics techniques.

The ABSTRACTS are invited but not limited within following subjects:

  • CFD simulations of vehicle flows (DNS, LES, URANS and related techniques)
  • Novel experimental techniques applied in vehicle aerodynamics
  • Flow control applied to road vehicles and trains
  • Aerodynamic shape optimization of vehicles
  • Predictions of rapid changes in vehicle flow including windgust effects, overtaking, passage of other vehicles vehicle or infrastructure etc.
  • Numerical and experimental explorations of new techniques for drag reduction such as platooning (traveling in convoys)

The event will be held in English.

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Politecnico di Milano


13 June 2018 until 15 June 2018


Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia BL. 25

Via Lambruschini 4