Da giovedì 28 maggio 2020 a venerdì 29 maggio 20204th international In Pursuit of Luxury (IPOL) Conference - RINVIATO A DATA DA DESTINARSI


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Luxury in the Age of Technology

The 2020 ‘In Pursuit of Luxury’ conference continues to provide a platform to expand our understanding of luxury. As with our previous three conferences we look forward to welcoming contributions from various disciplines and practices, across the academic and commercial sectors, including automotive, architecture, engineering, fashion, product, digital design, retail, and hospitality. Our aim is to explore all of these subject areas through a critical lens, to encourage debate about changing notions of luxury. The conference will take technology as its focal point and will look to investigate how luxury is changing under the influence and impact of innovative and transformative technologies of production, distribution and experience. In addition, the conference will continue to explore how democratised (mass) luxury commodities ask us to reconsider our definitions of luxury, as well as the importance and ethics of embedding sustainable/circular practices of luxury, at the points of manufacturing, distribution and consumption. Finally, when we say ‘innovative’, what, exactly do we mean within the luxury context?

The 2020 IPOL conference will be held in collaboration with FiP – Fashion in Process, research laboratory at the Design Department – Politecnico di Milano / co-chaired by Associate Professor, Dr Chiara Colombi.

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Politecnico di Milano

Date e orari

Da giovedì 28 maggio 2020 a venerdì 29 maggio 2020


Politecnico di Milano, Edificio B2 e B3

via Candiani 72, Milano