18 February 2022 14:30Technology tastes: how engineering nurtures traditionsOnline Event


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Technology tastes: how engineering nurtures traditions. The paradigma of Food industry

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De Nardo, L. Capelli, S. Cinquemani and special guest Giovanni Rana jr.

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Food lies at the very heart of our daily life, being part of our memories, traditions, and heritage; furthermore, it offers a unique perspective on a range of contemporary global challenges, from the local production scale to the most systemic sustainability and safety issues. The food industry epitomizes the duality of the innovation as the key for growth vs. the tradition, a set of knowledge having an important social and economic value, but somehow showing a resistance to innovate.

In an increasing demand for food safety in a growing planet population, can engineering play a role in solving this duality, together with offering advanced tools to tackle sustainability issues?

In this lecture the correlation between production technologies, sensorial properties, and food preservation will be presented. The role of engineering advancements in supporting the food sector will be elucidated, providing examples of Politecnico di Milano research groups and the perspective of a key entrepreneur of the Italian food industry, Giovanni Rana Jr, Innovation and Technology manager Pastificio Rana.


18 February 2022


Online event


Politecnico di Milano