17 June 2024 17:15 at 19:15Personal balance and interpersonal effectiveness (the DBT model)


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Online – Lab in English by Dr. Giulia Cordaro

The workshop, through the teaching and application of some principles of the DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) model, aims at reflection and work on “being effective all round”: in interpersonal relationships, in self-respect, in achieving one’s goals. Starting from a theoretical reflection on the principles of the above-mentioned model, first and foremost the concept of “dialectics” (meaning the search for a mediation between opposites, which is a fundamental principle of psychological well-being, i.e between acceptance and change), the participants, divided into subgroups, will have the opportunity to actively experiment in order to foster reflection on some important and useful skills for establishing and maintaining a good inner balance and good relationships with others, such as emotions regulation and tolerance of suffering.

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17 June 2024
17:15 at 19:15


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