11 June 2024 17:15 at 19:15Difficult moments: managing anxiety


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Online – Lab in English by Dr. Elena Mazza

The workshop, starting with a quick overview of the main anxiety disorders and the theoretical models most widely used to date, aims at a greater theoretical understanding and awareness, enriched by experiential work in subgroups, of the basic principles of anxiety treatment, in order to better manage its symptomatology and its consequences on everyday life and on the achievement of one’s goals.

In particular, participants will have the opportunity to reflect and practice on the following topics:

– Psychoeducation (explanation of typical characteristics of anxious individuals and how various forms of anxiety can show up in different ways)

– Cognitive aspects (ways of thinking and beliefs that characterize anxious subjects, most frequent cognitive biases)

– Anxiety management behavioral techniques (ABC model that help in giving means to problematic situations, introduction of possible interpretations and alternative reactions; exposure exercises in order to counter avoidance; relaxation techniques).

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11 June 2024
17:15 at 19:15


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